Seven Simple Steps To a Great Meditation

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Living life in the fast lane

Does life seem to be flying by at a frenetic pace? When you take time off work are you expected to respond to emails from your boss or customers on your BlackBerry? Or, are you a multi-tasker that texts and tweets and has to have the iPhone pried out of her hands in order to take a break? Have you tried meditating but decided you can’t because your mind won’t stop racing?

If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people tell me that they can’t meditate. With the pace of life today, and the multitude of distracting devices we’ve all become  addicted to, it’s no wonder that most of us have no idea how to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

Slow down

For most people the idea of slowing down would be counter-intuitive when they have so much on their plates’ already, but slowing down doesn’t make us less productive it actually has the opposite effect. When we move more slowly and focus upon the task at hand we actually become more productive. Not to mention that countless studies have shown that taking time out to meditate has many proven health benefits.

It does take practice to master, but it’s actually not that hard. All you need is a commitment to do it and 20 minutes a day. Of course if you choose to practice more than once per day and a bit longer you’ll see the benefits that much sooner – and what could be better than starting your morning with an inner sense of calmness and crystal clarity that carries over into your day?

Here’s the steps to follow to have a great meditation:

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your house and cell phone. Sit on a straight backed chair with your feet flat on the ground and place your hands face up/palm open on your lap. Do not lay down or  sit on a cushy couch as you may find yourself dozing off.

2. Tilt your head down so that your chin is closer to your chest. Let your head hang comfortably in this tilted downward position.

3. After closing your eyes begin taking deep breaths. Hold your breath for two or three seconds then release your breath slowly. Exhale through your nose. I recommend nose as it’s more natural to breath this way. Repeat until you get into a breathing rhythm.

5. Hold your attention on the top of your head. The part of your head called the fontanel area which was the soft spot when you were a baby. Now sense that your breath is coming in and out from this area of your head. Continue to focus on your breath emanating from this spot.  If ever you begin to lose this sensation – just reach up and gently pat that area of your head.

6. Let thoughts float by and refocus your attention on your breathing. You can also pat the head again. Make it a point to maintain your awareness on that spot on the top of your head. After a while you may begin to feel a tingling or pulsating sensation on that part of the head. When you do you’ll also feel a sense of relaxation  and calm wash over you. This is what your aiming for.

7. Sit and enjoy this state of thought-free awareness. You are now meditating. You are aware of  your surroundings but free of mind chatter. You are giving your brain a well deserved rest from thinking and in return it rewards you by bathing you in this incredible feeling of calm and relaxation.

There are many forms of meditation. This is one I devised after studying many meditation techniques throughout the years. I find that it’s extremely effective at stopping the constant flow of thoughts. Plus, when when we stop thinking our intuition is able to get through with insights and guidance that we need to solve problems in our lives.

If you do this every day it will become a habit you won’t want to miss – especially the sensation of relaxation that streams over you. I meditate in the morning using this technique. I also try to meditate again in the evening before going to bed.

Try it and let me know what you think. If you have questions on the technique let me know as well.

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7 Responses to “Seven Simple Steps To a Great Meditation”

  1. I’ve never heard of this particular technique–but I’m quite intrigued by it and am going to go try it this morning. Thanks!

  2. angelaa says:

    Hi Charlotte, thank you. Please let me know how your meditation is using my technique. Hope you come back rested and at total peace.

  3. Andrea A says:

    I never realized the tremendous benefits of meditation until I returned home from a Mediumship course. Of course, I would always meditate for my client before their session, but had little time to meditate for myself. By meditating 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, I have benefited greatly. It greatly influenced by intuitive, psychic and healing abilites. It helped me stay calm and loving throughout the day. I also continue to receive ongoing loving guidance from my spirit guides.
    Great article Angela!

  4. angelaa says:

    Hi Andrea,I’m so happy you found the post beneficial. I’m a fanatic about my daily meditation. If for some reason I’ve missed a day I don’t feel right. I also receive guidance and many ideas while I’m meditating.

  5. [...] 1. Turn off negative mind chatter and clear negative belief patterns by meditating daily. If you get into the habit of doing it everyday you’ll see a dramatic reduction in your stress level and tremendous increase in your happiness quotient. If your looking for a simple meditation technique read my post titled,  “Seven Simple Steps to A Great Meditation.” [...]

  6. I love this! Thank you Angela. It sounds similar to what I do if I’m trying to fall back to sleep. I’ll try it today!

  7. Hi Betsy,
    I’m glad you liked the meditation. Ah, I never thought of using it to fall asleep.
    Let me know how you like it after trying it.
    By the way, I have moved to a new site:
    I hope you’ll visit me there.