Constant Craving: The Mystical Experience

Has the warmth from a sunbeam ever triggered a moment of pure bliss?

Has there ever been a split second where your mind was so still that you became aware of having stepped outside yourself?

Did you come across a deer on a trail and suddenly feel flooded with a love and connection to all of life?

Were you playing with your child one day when your heart just opened up?

These sacred moments are the essence of the mystical experience.

Everything stops, and it’s as if we see clearly for the first time and feel at one with all of life. The joy from this state of being emanates from deep within our souls. We are aware of a palpable pure goodness that is in and through everything and everyone.

But we don’t “think it” we feel this experience intuitively with our hearts.

That’s what makes the experience  mystical – the connection of our heart to the beating heart of the Universe. It requires no words. In fact, it’s indescribable and words can’t do it justice.

I strive to feel this connection in my daily meditations, but like anything in life you can’t force it. It comes randomly when it wants to, and where it wants to – if at all. It’s not something I’ve experienced often, but the few times I’ve been graced by the mystical experience are forever etched upon my mind.

The first time I had a mystical experience I was 17. We were visiting the tomb of Saint Dionysios on the island of Zakynthos in Greece. The saint’s remains are kept in a locked glass tomb. Even though he’s been dead for centuries his body hasn’t decomposed, which is believed to be a sign that he’s a true saint. On occasion the body emits a beautiful perfume of unknown origin. He’s known as the walking saint since when he performs his miracles the tomb cannot be opened, and the people experiencing the miracle report seeing St. Dionysios. The bottom of his slippers are constantly wearing out and need replacing due to his “walking.”

The most incredible perfume wafted out of the casket. I heard angelic music and was overcome by the force of  loving energy that engulfed me. I was so immersed in the experience that I wasn’t aware I was sobbing until I heard crying and realized it came from me. I had to run out of the church to compose myself. I tried hard to remember the music, but it faded quickly from my memory. Needless to say, the experience made a lasting impression on me.

While I don’t consider myself religious, I’ve always been extremely connected to my spirituality. Even as a child I was aware that there was more to life than could be seen. I’ve had other mystical experiences since, but none where I heard music or smelled perfume. After the experience I wanted to know why? What did it mean? And, what should I now do with this experience?  I’ve thought about it  over the years and feel the experience was given to me to validate my desire to devote myself to my spiritual growth.

The mystical experience gives us a momentary glimpse of our soul’s true home, the place we will return after we permanently leave our bodies. It’s programmed into us to want to merge back into the ocean of pure consciousness that our soul emerged from. It’s as if we become aware of just how homesick we really are for the place of our true origins. This is the moment when you really know for sure that we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience.

It occurs universally around the world and across all religions. All who experience the mystical experience describe it with similar qualities. For many, it leaves them permanently changed. A desire to do good, emanate goodness and to inspire others to seek this transcendent state is common. I believe that at some point, we all want to feel connected to something bigger than the lives we lead, more expansive than the bodies we’re confined to, and to escape the boundaries of the mind, and these feelings may be the first stirrings of our spiritual awakening.

While a mystical experience can happen to anyone, anytime with or without a yearning for it, the more you devote yourself to your spiritual growth the more likely it is that you’ll have a mystical experience.

And, it’s a given that the mystical experience will leave it’s indelible mark upon you too.

Have you had a mystical experience? Please share it with us and how it affected you.

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32 Responses to “Constant Craving: The Mystical Experience”

  1. Baker says:

    Insightful post here. I have had a moment like this happen just a few weeks ago, during meditation. I agree with you the feeling is something that isn’t forced, and seems to come from a mysterious place, only to find that it was there all along, and I wasn’t fully aware of it. I believe this state can be reached only in the present moment awarness. The feeling that I can logically put into words was there was this inner knowing that “All is well.”

    Have a blessed rest of the week.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    What an amazing experience! I’ve had many experiences that I might call mystical, but nothing quite like that. They come mostly when I am meditating. Perhaps meditation is a way of embracing, controlling and learnnig from such mystical experiences.

  3. angelaa says:

    Baker, I think you’re absolutely right that this state “can be reached only in the present moment awareness,” because there is really no such thing as time. I actually think that for a split second the 3D illusion of space and time that we humans are all collectively plugged into cracks open and we get a glimpse of the true REALITY as it is for that moment. And, for me too these mystical states always made me realize that “all is well” which again I believe is the true REALITY. We are always well no matter what is happening – it’s our thoughts that put the spin on things that we aren’t. Baker, thanks again for your excellent insights. I think you’re a bit of a mystic, like I am.

  4. angelaa says:

    Hi Rosemarie, yes, it was an amazing experience – a one of a kind. As you said in your comment, I have also had other experiences where I felt this mystical connection to all of life since then, but nothing as profound as the one in Greece. I’ve reached this state on occasion when I’m in meditation, but there were several times I can recall when I was out for a walk when this experience suddenly hit. One time during a walk I came upon a doe and her baby. I got very close to them and they didn’t run. Suddenly I was overcome with love and tears started spilling out. I realized we were communicating. Everything else around me disappeared. I “knew” that all of life is but one pulsing flow, and felt part of it for that split second, but it faded quickly as I came back to this reality. I believe meditation is the “daily stretching exercise” we do to keep our consciousness flexible enough to dart through the doorway to this other dimension should it on occasion open up.

  5. Manal says:

    Beautifully said Angela.

    Like Baker and Rosemarie my I experienced oneness through meditation. I also felt it once when I looked into our dog’s eyes. I saw of all of life through her. She is gone now but that memory sticks with me.

    The more open to life we become, the better we connect with it in all its forms.

  6. angelaa says:

    Hi Manal, thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I love your blog: One With Now. How beautiful the experience of seeing all of life through your dog’s eyes must have been. It’s what I experienced when I saw the doe and her baby on my walk that day. The mystical experience does stay with us forever. And, yes you’re are so right; the more we open to life – the better we connect with it in all its forms.

  7. I loved reading this, Angela. And I loved what you said about having a mystical experience, that is a glimpse into the soul’s true home. Ah, yes. And when I’ve had a glimpse it only makes me crave more.

  8. angelaa says:

    Charlotte, thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this and could understand about the “craving.” The problem is that we can’t stay awake to our true reality very long before we’re pulled back down into the dream. The moment we’re pulled back into the collective dream the wonderful awareness we had slips through our fingers like sand – which just makes us want to experience it again. And, unless you’re an enlightened master, these mystical experiences can’t be ordered up daily just because we have a yen for it. They have their own time table and rhythm.

  9. Jan Johnsen says:

    i love this post..and now I want to know all about this saint!

  10. angelaa says:

    Hi Jan, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I put a link in the post to some history on the saint.

  11. Andrea says:

    The most recent mystical experience I have encountered was while I was receiving an healing. During the healing I entered a deep state of relaxation, such that, I felt an incredible surge of love and joy in my heart and a knowingness that all was well and to trust in the process of life. What an incredible experience, one which I will always value and cherish.

    Great post Angela!

  12. angelaa says:

    Hi Andrea, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. You experience sounds incredible. The feeling of love for all so powerful. The only problem is that when we have these mystical moments they go by too quickly though.

  13. Georgia says:

    You’re writting has reminded me of the times I have experienced that connection. For me it has been found when I am out in the natural world and nature is both seen and felt internally.

    You made me realize it has been too long since this happened, and I wonder if because I am older, or if it’s harder to find the peace at the pace and with the stresses we all live with.

    Thanks for the wake up.

  14. angelaa says:

    Hi Georgia, thank you for visiting today, and leaving a comment. I too have felt this connection in nature more often than anywhere else. I think this experience is harder to come by when we’re stressed out – which is why meditation is so helpful. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I hope to hear that you’ve been lucky enough to have a mystical experience again in the near future.

  15. Chania Girl says:

    This is a beautiful post, Angela. I enjoyed reading about your first mystical experience, not only because it’s here in Greece (eek!) :) but also because it conveyed to all of us that you know from whence you speak.

    I cannot say that I have had a mystical experience like you’ve described, but I have had “openings,” little periods that come out of nowhere where I see everybody and everything around me and can’t imagine not loving them. I have also had conversations with God. Really. True moments of dialogue where I know what I’m being told is not something I would tell myself at all. Something that is more than just my higher self.

    These occur more often when I am at peace and in balance. Come to think of it, it’s been far too long since my last one. Hmmm …

  16. angelaa says:

    Hi Chania Girl, Welcome to my blog. Thank you for sharing your mystical experiences with us. I’m looking forward to seeing some great photos of Greece on your blog! Having meditated for more than 25 years (eek!), and taught it too, I think the the opportunity to have a spontaneous mystical experience increases greatly.

    I’m sure your “openings” as you called them were mystical experiences. We all experience things differently. I do believe that you’ve had conversations with God, no doubt.

    I would absolutely agree with you that the mystical experience occurs more often when we’re at peace and balance. I’m sure you’ll find a quiet path in Crete where you can lean against an olive tree and have another mystical experience – and I’ll want to hear all about it!

  17. Amy says:

    i love this post..and now I want to know all about this saint!

  18. angelaa says:

    Hi Any, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have a link to some historical background on the saint. You can just click on it for more info. thanks again.

  19. Jean Sarauer says:

    Ahhh, Greece . . . I so want to go there one day.

    I’ve had experiences I consider mystical and they’ve always come either during meditation or when I’ve been in solitude in nature. It’s difficult for me to describe other than I feel like I have ‘no edges or borders’ and everything just seems to blend with everyone else. It’s a wonderful feeling.

    Today I was enjoying some sun on the patio and a hummingbird started buzzing around me. It was strange how connected I immediately felt to that tiny creature!

  20. angelaa says:

    Hi Jean,
    Ahhh, I know. I so want to go back to Greece.

    I think a lot of us have mystical experiences when we’re out in nature. I think we’re connecting to the life force in nature.

    I think you described it perfectly! You feel like you have “no edges or borders.” Beautifully said!

    I once had a sparrow land on my knee when I was meditating out in the yard. I think if bird comes that close to you – you have to be giving off really calm loving vibes!

    Thanks for your comments Jean!

  21. Angela,

    Insightful post! I am not sure if this is mystical experience or not, but I have had moments when suddenly everything becomes clear in mind and body and I feel connected. I can feel what others are thinking and feeling but it is not constant.

    I believe and like in religious and spiritual magic stories such as saint Dionysios. Did you know there was king and poet name Dionysios in Greece too? I think they are different people though.

  22. Katie says:

    Lovely post Angela, as always. You’ve reminded me on this rainy morning of a time when I was in my thirties, running along a lakeside trail. I was feeling quite solitary about something in my life, I needed some strength and I rounded a corner and there was a lone pelican, standing on one leg, out in the water on a rock. It took my breath away, we looked at each other. I couldn’t help but feel lifted by that experience and ever since have felt a kinship to pelicans. Thanks for reminding me.

  23. angelaa says:

    Hi ZG,
    So nice to see you here! I’m glad you enjoyed the post on the mystical experience.

    From what you described it sounds like a classic mystical experience to me!

    The Dionysios you mentioned is a different one from the Saint I wrote about. He was one of the minor gods of Mount Olympus. He ruled over music I believe.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

  24. angelaa says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the post on the Mystical Experience.
    Your experience with the pelican sounds beautiful.
    What a treasured memory it must be!
    Thank you so much for your comments.

  25. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment earlier on my blog. I once had a beautiful experience of watching a homeless man going through a trash can across the street one night when I was out working with my husband. I suddenly felt my heart open completely and felt such love flowing from my heart to this perfect stranger. I suddenly felt my connection to this man and the oneness of the Universe. It was one of the most beautiful minutes of my life. I say minutes because the moment happened so quickly and left me in awe of the oneness of Life for the rest of that evening. I think back to that night often.

  26. Hi Patricia,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your beautiful comment. It is unforgettable when we connect with someone on that deep spiritual level. We only wish it would happen more often.
    Thank you again for your comment.

  27. Susannah says:

    This is a beautiful post Angela and I too have had many moments like that. They are such gifts as they forever leave us with a knowing.

    I am glad to have found your website through your comment on my blog – thank you.

    It is so nice to meet you. :-)

  28. Hi Susannah,
    Welcome to my blog – and it’s a pleasure meeting you as well!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It was a true joy to write and is one of my favorites.
    I agree having a mystical experience does leave us with a knowing of our connection to all life and we are forever changed by it.
    Thank you again for your thoughtful comment.

  29. Angela: I thought this was a really good post that pointed you in the direction of really understanding and appreciating those moments when you can really feel the beauty and perfection of life. I really liked what you said about the experience giving your soul a glimpse of home. That was really a great description of the experience. I think these are the feelings and experiences that really can allow our lives to unfold in the most amazing ways. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  30. Hi Sibyl, Welcome to my blog. It’s a pleasure seeing you here! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It’s one of my favorites which is why I made it my landing page – for now.
    Yes, it’s true we have these mystical reunions and feelings of going home when we break through to the true expansive nature of our Universe and life.
    It’s my pleasure to share this with you. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.
    Thank you Sibyl for you insightful comment.

  31. I’d love to know more about this saint that walks about! And what you were doing in Greece! Very interesting.

    I have had many experiences with tearing up. My eyes fill with tears when I’m incredibly touched. But I’ve never had what I consider to be a mystical experience. I’d love to have one!

  32. Hi Betsy,
    I was in Greece for a trip through the Greek Orthodox Church. My parents sent my sister and I when we were teenagers. They took us all over to see all the main religious sites in the country, so we went to a lot of churches and monasteries.
    I was the only one on our trip that had this overwhelming response to getting close to the saint’s body, but I’m not the only one to have had that experience there I’m sure. Many people are overcome when they come in contact with a true spiritual force.
    The mystical experience has also been called spiritual ecstasy.

    Betsy, I know from your blog that you’ve started meditating, so I don’t doubt that you’ll have a mystical experience sometime soon!