To Get Unstuck – Visit Japan via Energy Doorways

I subscribe a beautifully written blog called Energy Doorways, written by Catrien Ross. Catrien is a publisher living in Japan, in the shadow of Mount Fuji.

Today her post was about getting unstuck. I found it so moving that I wanted to let Mystic Musing readers know about it.

Catrien isn’t just a writer, she’s a poet.

Please do yourself a favor and read her post. Here’s the link to: Energy Doorways.

By the way she’s collaborating this week with three other wonderful writers who are all posting articles on their blogs about getting unstuck.

Catrien has the links to their blogs on hers – check them out as well.

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4 Responses to “To Get Unstuck – Visit Japan via Energy Doorways”

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Thanks for this, Angela. I read all four blogs. All were wonderful but my favorite was “Getting Unstuck by Facing Everything” by Gail Brenner. I think that is because I have come to this conclusion only very recently–that in order to get unstuck you have to confront the source of the “stuckness.” You can’t just wish the negativity away, even when you know the source. You have to explore it, experience and confront the pain to relieve it. Once you do, you are free from it forever.

  2. angelaa says:

    Hi Rosemarie. You make a great point. I completely agree about getting down and dirty with the source of your “stuckness.” We can stay positive and use affirmations, but action is the ultimately the catalyst.

  3. Thanks Angelaa,
    I’ll check out her blog.

  4. angelaa says:

    Thanks for coming by Betsy. Let me know how you like all the Unstuck articles afterward. I found them all very informative.