Awaken To The Truth of Who You Really Are

“What I try to stress, to those who are prepared to listen, is that the material is only the reflection, the shadow, the husk and not the reality. The material exits because it is animated by the spirit. When spirit withdraws, matter disintegrates. Spirit is master, matter is servant. Spirit is king, matter is commoner. This is the great lesson that millions have still to learn in your world. They give priority to matter and very little attention to spirit. ” Excerpt from the book,  Light From Silver Birch. Silver Birch, a native American, was channeled through the medium Maurice Barbanell in England up until 1981 when Maurice Barbanell passed away. His channeled teachings were published in a series of 9 books.

Are you going through tumultuous changes in your life? Facing life changing decisions?

Do you feel like you might just be on the precipice of something, but you don’t know what? Are you unsure about the future and your next steps?

Many many people are going through some of the most challenging times of their lives right now. Some of have lost jobs, or lost homes and may have even lost someone close to them. There seems to be so much pain in the world with poverty, hunger, wars, terrorism and anarchists. Sometimes it feels as if our whole world is shaking like a wet dog flinging the water from his coat. Maybe all this shaking and quaking of our institutions and lifestyle is a good thing? Perhaps it will shake off the caked on mud and reveal a new more balanced way of living?

Could this huge global shake-up be meant as a wake-up call?

Is it perhaps, time for many of us to realize that we have become too attached to materialism? To become aware  that we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience? Maybe the pain and crises many people are facing now are meant to bring them to their knees so that they reemerge with an awareness of their true spiritual nature?

Could it be time to go within and stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers? Maybe the crumbling of our culture of conspicuous consumption is causing so much pain because it’s signaling that it’s time to awaken to the fact that worshiping materialism has cut us off from our true source?

I certainly think so. I also think that until the vast majority of mankind believe that spirit is what makes all things possible, not matter, and that we are connected by the spiritual essence that animates each and every one of us we will never end all the hatred and violence toward one another and our earth.

Last week I sent out this tweet on Twitter: How much good undertaken by good people will it take to override all the violence and hatred in the world? Be the good!

I really believe we are at a critical juncture in our history and that we have a huge choice to make here. It’s time to awaken to the truth that we are spiritual beings, and to do good, be good and spread good which is to say we need to focus on exuding love in our world.

I found this thought provoking video called Awakening on You Tube – it’s short. Give it a look see.. \”Awakening\” from You Tube

What do you think? Are we at a critical juncture? Do you feel a change taking place within? Do you feel a need to search for answers and take up a spiritual practice such as meditation?  Let us know – share your comments with us.

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27 Responses to “Awaken To The Truth of Who You Really Are”

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  2. Manal says:

    Hi Angela,

    I completely agree with you. I believe that a shift in consciousness is taking place. We are awakening to the spirit within and the love that connects us all.

    More and more people are embracing peace and love and steering away from the old paradigm of force and manipulation.

    Thanks so much for focusing on what truly matters Angela.

  3. angelaa says:

    Thank you! I feel it’s vital to get the message out there. We need to see one another as brothers and sisters – all part of the same family of man first before we will cure any of the ills our world now faces.
    I do feel the old paradigm dieing. A new one is slowly taking form in its place.
    Thank you so much for your comments Manal!

  4. Jean Sarauer says:

    I spent the afternoon gardening and reading on the patio, and that was blissful to me. I was wearing old clothes, sipping on water, and the book was from the library. There was no cost to this beautiful afternoon, yet it brought me far more joy than I have ever experienced from some store bought item.

    My “shift” as I call it, came a few years back. I became much more present focused, started meditating, and got in touch with what I call my “True Self.” I’ve seen more and more people having similar experiences, so I do see a bigger shift coming.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Angela!

  5. Greg Blencoe says:

    Hi Angela,

    Great quote from Silver Birch at the beginning of the post!

    I definitely think that society seems to be going through a pretty major change right now. I like the way you focus on the opportunity of the crisis.

    I think people are finding that living the way we have in the past is simply exhausting. But connecting within gives us so much energy. I know my life has changed a lot since I started meditating a couple of years ago.

    Thanks for suggesting the YouTube video! I’m going to check it out. And I’ll be sure to retweet this post!

  6. Greg Blencoe says:

    Quick comment…I just watched the YouTube video and HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

  7. Katie says:

    Yes, Angela I do think that we’re at the point where we need to wake up. We’re being called to by the planet, by each other. Embracing simplicity and love are the only answers. We’ve got to stop taking. Lovely, thoughtful post. Thank you.

  8. angelaa says:

    Hi Jean,
    The afternoon you had sounds marvelous! Relaxing in the back yard with a good book is the best!
    My shift was a few years ago too Jean. I started craving less and less stuff and more time to just sit back and enjoy life.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too!

  9. angelaa says:

    Hi Greg,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the quote from Silver Birch. You know you can listen to him online. His session were recorded.
    I would agree with you on the major changes society is experiencing now, but I do think it creates an opportunity for self-reflection and change.
    Meditation is the key!
    I hope you enjoy the video.

  10. angelaa says:

    Thank you Greg! It was pretty moving wasn’t it?

  11. angelaa says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed it and obviously “get it.” Nicely put – we have to stop taking.
    Thank you so much for your comment too! Have a great weekend.

  12. Rosemarie says:

    Great Video. Great observations. I am sure i must sound like a broken record in my comments to your posts. But I’ll say it again. Meditation is our means of connecting with the divine. Feeling and understanding that connection has changed my life. It saved my business; it keeps me healthy and gives me insight. Thank you, Angela for sharing yours.

  13. angelaa says:

    Hi Rosemarie, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. No, you don’t sound like a broken record! I agree with you 1000%! Meditation is the royal road to enlightenment.

    I’m so happy to hear that it has touched every area of your life for the better!

    You’re so welcome. The pleasure is mine!

  14. Lauren says:

    Dear Angela,

    It’s funny – I completely feel we are “spiritual” in nature and at the same time a lot of my focus is on helping people realize how remarkable our bodies are. To honor our bodies (a reflection of our spirit and the vehicle that carries our spirit and all of us through this life experience.

    And what a gift it is to be in a physical body having this opportunity to be on the planet.

    I love your tweet: “How much good undertaken by good people will it take to override all the violence and hatred in the world? Be the good!”

    I don’t know whether we will override all the violence and hatred in the world – ever. I know that’s not a popular perspective but I see it as light and dark, the contrast that provides our knowing of the “good”.

    Still, I do believe our focusing on goodness and love we counterbalance the negative and in the process have a wonderful life experience. Hopefully we spread love and others can benefit from that love.

    Great post!

    Warm regards,

  15. Lauren says:

    Wow, Angela. I just watched the video – it’s beautiful!

    Thanks again!


  16. angelaa says:

    Hi Laure,
    I’m so happy you found the video beautiful. I did as well.
    You’re so welcome!

  17. angelaa says:

    Hi Lauren,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It’s lovely having you here. Your comments are always so insightful.

    I also think that while we’re spiritual being having a human experience we are here to learn to navigate the world of matter and that includes our bodies! I agree with you the body is a gift and should be honored and cherished as a faithful servant that it is.

    I’m glad you liked my Tweet. I also agree here too. I don’t know that we’ll ever see “heaven’ on earth either, but I do think major injections of love energy will bring more light into the world. And again, I agree with you. We humans need the darkness in order to learn and appreciate the light. It’s the darkness in our lives that offer us the greatest learning experiences and chance to grow.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


  18. rob white says:

    Hi Angela,
    You are not alone with that sentiment. It’s hard to believe that we are not on the precipice of great change in this anxious age. I see more and more people turning to spirituality. Just think, just a decade ago people used to look at us like you we had three heads when we used terms like, “Authentic Self”, “Positive thinking”… etc etc. These terms have become more common place which ultimately is a good thing. There is an insatiable thirst for this conversation because people are awakening to truth of who they truly are.

  19. angelaa says:

    Hi Rob,
    All I can say is, “Amen!” You’re so right, when I first read, The Game of Life And How to Play it, in the early 80s and learned that our thoughts are creative – most people laughed at this notion. But now it has become so mainstream.
    Now we all need to “think” our world into a new reality. Into a world of peace and respect for one another and our planet.

    Thank you so much for commenting.

  20. Chania Girl says:

    Angela, I have to say that I agree with you and with a lot of the other commenters who made it here before me that there is a shift in consciousness going on. I feel it and sense it, too, and do not feel it to be a bad thing. I do feel that we are on the verge of another collective Awakening, and it’s an exciting place to be.

    That said, your post also reminds us that giving birth to a new world and a new consciousness is still just that: giving birth. Which is Labor with a capital L. There’s a lot of pain involved. And it may take a a while. It also can only truly begin when the “baby” is ready to be born (and not when the mama chooses for it to be).

    Lovely, thought-provoking post Angela.

  21. Aileen says:

    I do feel that there has been a great shift. It seems a large percentage of people have a real awareness both in younger generations and older generations. Humanity is becoming more conscious and I see it unfolding more and more. The old ways don’t work anymore and many are shedding them. More an more I hear people acknowledge that human beings are both human and spiritual(Body & Spirit) without separation. Our very breath connects us with the divine.
    Great post!

  22. angelaa says:

    Hi Carla,
    I agree with you about a shift in consciousness going on. I think by the time the idea of shift makes it to the mainstream it is well under way. I hope our collective awakening ushers in a new era where we learn to be kind to one another and our Earth.
    What a perfect way to put it Carla – like going through the labor of childbirth – at the moment the child is ready – exactly.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.

  23. angelaa says:

    Hi Aileen,
    Yes, finally a large percentage of the population is getting it – we are truly becoming more conscious. Evolution in consciousness is our destiny on this planet. Everything man has accomplished and learned from the first cave painting to now has been necessary to bring our consciousness to this critical point. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.
    Thank you for commenting.

  24. Greg Blencoe says:

    Hi Angela,

    Yes, the video was definitely moving. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Greg Blencoe says:

    And thanks for letting me know that I can listen to Silver Birch online.

  26. angelaa says:

    I’m so glad you watched it and found it moving! The director has another video on his website I haven’t had time to watch.

  27. angelaa says:

    If you do listen to Silver Birch – let me know what you think! Glad you’re so interest in this topic. I’m also part of a physical mediumship group.