Meditation Mondays

I’m participating in a fun collaborative blogging event with Lillian-Juda Leonard Beach at her beautiful site: The Mini Beach Bird.

She has a series running called Meditation Mondays.

Several bloggers have contributed their favorite meditations.

Each week new meditations will be posted for readers to try. As most of you know I’m a former meditation instructor – so this is truly music to my ears. If I had my way meditation would be part of the curriculum in public school.

I’ve contributed a meditation to week 2 of her series titled: Seven Simple Steps to A Great Meditation. Click here to check it out. and all the other great meditations collected there.

I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy this and love trying the many different meditations that have been submitted.

Thank you Lillian-Juda for arranging this wonderful event and for including me. I am truly honored.

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11 Responses to “Meditation Mondays”

  1. Farnoosh says:

    Hi Angela, I don’t know if you meant the meditation guide source that we use but I do LOVE Meditation Oasis which is available on iTunes. It’s by Mary Maddux (and her husband but I have listened mostly to her). It has worked for me better than anything else and I am amazed at its powers to calm me and put me into such a beautiful trance. Mary is amazing!

  2. Jean Sarauer says:

    And here I thought I was the only one who thought meditation should be a part of our educational system. You have no idea of the grief I’ve been given when sharing my thoughts on that. Then again, maybe you do :)

  3. Hi Farnoosh,
    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Meditation Oasis. I’ll check it out. It sounds really wonderful.
    No, this is a collaboration with a different blogger. Her site is called: The Mini Beach Bird.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Hey Jean – twice in one day. Thanks for visiting again.
    I haven’t gotten too much grief as I have only shared this idea with my friends, most of whom are very open minded like us.
    I think meditation is an excellent way for kids to stay in touch with their creativity and not outgrow it. It also puts them in touch with their intuition which as you well know by now – I think everyone should learn to use!

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  6. Gia says:

    Are your readers aware of the Solstice event in Times Square? On Monday June 21st there will be a mass gathering of people practicing yoga. Imagine thousands meditating together on their little mats in Times Square! It’s free and open, but they want participants to register.

  7. Hi Gia,
    Thank you so much for this information. I don’t know whether they know or not, but I’m glad you’ve posted it here.
    It would be a great day to be in Times Square for sure!

  8. Rosemarie says:

    Very cute site–the mini beach bird. Thank you for including my meditation. I love the idea of a communal meditation. It holds the potetial to change the world.

  9. Hi Rosemarie,
    Yes, Mini Beach Bird is a really cute site. Communal meditation could change the world, I hadn’t thought of that.
    Thank you so much for your comment.

  10. Manal says:

    Hi Angela,
    I read your guide and I found it very useful. You give a really simple way to start. I intend to give it a try.

    You and Jean are so right about the importance of meditation, especially to kids. It should be part of their education. I bet we won’t hear of ADD anymore.

    And yeah the Mini Beach Bird is kinda cute. I have to check it out in more detail.

  11. Hi Manal,
    I’m so glad you found the 7 step meditation helpful. Let me know of your results after you’ve tried it.
    I think kids would benefit greatly from meditation in school.
    Meditation definitely does help ADD. It calms the kids down for sure.
    Thank you so much for checking out the meditation and the Mini Beach Bird.