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Angela Artemis Interviewed by Hulbert Lee of From Bottom Up

Monday, June 7th, 2010

I want to say a big Thank You to Hulbert for his interview of me over the weekend.

He’s posted it on his excellent website: From Bottom Up

To listen to the interview just click on the link above.

Thank you again Hulbert. It was a joy connecting with you.

I hope everyone will enjoy listening to it.


Angela Artemis

Infidelity and Intuition: Will You Know if Your Spouse Is Cheating?

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Bullock Sandra in Cannes
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the infidelities of Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

And, you must have seen the reports about Elin Woods and Sandra Bullock,  their poor suffering spouses too.

Personally, I feel very sorry for these two women. There’s nothing worse than finding out your mate is cheating on you, let alone learning that he, or she has been with scores of other people. And, you don’t have to be married either. Dating someone, or living together and finding out they’re cheating on you is just as devastating. (more…)

Do You Speak Intuition? How To Crack the Intuition Code

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Getting an intuitive message only takes a split second, but missing one and dealing with the mess of an unheeded warning can take much longer to fix.  Read my previous post to see just how disastrous it can be to ignore your intuition.

Intuition uses an encrypted code to communicate

To de-cypher the messages you need the keys that unlock this secret language. Once you have the code down – you will be amazed by the number of intuitive messages you receive on a daily basis.

The other morning the first image that sprang to mind was not from a dream, but a memory of a segment on the evening news from a week ago. A woman whose electricity went out due to a heavy snow storm was interviewed and stated that her family was lucky because they had a wood-burning stove in the house, so they weren’t freezing like her neighbors were. My first thought was, I’m lucky too at least if my heat went out I could use my fireplace.

When I got downstairs I turned the thermostat up and then dove into my morning routine. An hour later I realized the heat hadn’t come on. After checking to see if the pilot was lit – it was – I concluded I’d have to call the gas company. Luckily, the technician came by early afternoon and the repair was a simple one – a faulty wire. I was very grateful.

Intuition may speak through a picture or image

I started thinking about the image of the woman whose electricity was out and realized it had been my intuition preparing me for having no heat. The thought I had afterward comparing my fireplace to her having a wood burning stove had foretold that all would be well. It got me thinking about the many ways our intuition communicates with us.

I realized that intuition has its own language. To crack the intuition code you need to be aware of all the ways intuition transmits information. Here are some of the way my intuition communicates with me.

Five ways intuition speaks to us

1. Physical. You get a gut feeling. The feeling in your gut can be fearful, nervous, anxious, cautious, hesitant, or just a feeling that something is about to happen – yet you don’t know what. When IT happens – the feeling subsides. I’ve also experienced it as a feeling of nausea and bouts of yawning too.

2. Cerebral. It feels as though a thought has touched down out of no where into your mind. It can also be experienced as a nagging thought that won’t go away. And, sometimes it’s when you know that you know something, but you can’t explain how or why you know it. It can also come as a flash of insight, or  can take the form of an image or symbol in the mind’s eye.

3. Empathic. Picking up on the emotions of others and feeling that emotion yourself. It can also be feeling the pain others experience in your own body. It can also come in the form of taking an immediate liking to a person, or a dislike for that matter. It’s an instinct you have about someone.

4. Signs and affirmations. Things like missing the train to work only to find out later that there was a huge problem with the railways and all the trains stopped running for hours. Or considering a job change with a company you’re nervous about and then seeing an article on the front page of the paper, or hearing a report about them on the radio stating that this company is rated on of the top ten to work for.

5. Hearing The Voice. This may occur less frequently but it does happen. You’ve been trying to solve a problem and thinking about it over and over. Suddenly, you hear a voice that seems loud enough to have been heard by others, but judging from their faces no one heard it but you. It came from within you mind but it wasn’t in your own voice and it had the exact answer you’d been searching for. “Go for that job!,” etc.

Start paying attention and looking for these encoded message – because believe me you are getting them! You’re just not aware until you focus and tune in.

These are the most common ways my intuition speaks to me. It isn’t a definitive list by any means. If you have experienced something different don’t discount it. Intuition works uniquely for each of us.  I’d be very interested to hear of other ways intuition communicates to us, so please do share.

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What Happens When you Ignore Intuition? Never Make this Mistake.

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Have you ever experienced that awful sinking feeling in your gut the moment you realize you’ve made a mistake?

I have, and just recently too.

You find yourself in a pickle

I came home around 11 o’clock on a Sunday evening to find that I was locked out. The minute I began fishing through my purse I remembered that I’d left my house keys on the dining room table. No problem. I keep a spare key to the back door in my wallet. I took the key out of my change purse and inserted it in the back door lock, but the door wouldn’t budge.

A mess of my own making

And then it hit me – I’d forgotten that I wedged a sturdy piece of wood under the door handle sealing the door to keep out the cold. My back door key was of no use and I didn’t have a key to the front door. It also occurred to me that before leaving I’d had a brief thought about taking the wood out but decided against it. Ugh! Now what?

I called my sister to see if I’d ever given her a front door key but she didn’t think so, and frankly neither did I. No one ever comes in my front door because it’s easier to park in the back, so all the spare keys I’ve given were always for the back door.

I dialed 411 from my cell and got the number for the one 24 hour locksmith service that covered my area. While I was on the phone I got a “vibe” that made me hesitate. It could have been because the locksmith seemed all too eager to leave his home at 11 pm, or that he said he only took cash, or it might have been his accent I didn’t trust; I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that I felt uneasy.

Your intuition never fails unless you choose to ignore it

I told him I’d call him back and hung up. I needed a moment to think. It crossed my mind to call my mother, but I didn’t want to upset her, besides she wouldn’t have a key to my front door either. Nobody did.

I decided I had no choice but to call him back. I still didn’t feel right about him though. When I asked how much it would cost he said $55 plus the lock, so I agreed. I sat in the car with the heat on and chatted with my sister while I waited for him to arrive. I rationalized that it would all be fine. What was I supposed to do? Even if I stayed over at my sister’s I’d still need a locksmith tomorrow. Better to do it now and be done with it, I thought.

Twenty minutes later he showed up and seemed to be a very nice. He drilled my lock and opened the door. While he installed the new lock I went to get my checkbook. He was done in a few minutes and came inside to write out the bill. I was figuring it would cost maybe $100 to $150.00, so when he said it was going to be $650.00 my stomach dropped out.

“Are you kidding me?” I screamed. For $650 I could have replaced the entire door.

The sucker punch

He looked at me and agreed that it was pretty high. “Look,” he said in a whisper, “between you and me my boss doesn’t have to know I was here. You know what I mean?”

I eyed him suspiciously.

“Make the check out to me. I’m gonna give you a break….”

Backed into a corner

For a moment I thought about telling him to take the lock out and leave, but then I realized I’d have an unlocked door with big hole where the doorknob had been. How was I supposed to sleep like that?

Well, we went back and forth until we settled on a more reasonable number but it was still highway robbery as far as I was concerned. I wrote the check out, but I was fuming. I couldn’t wait for him to get out of my house.

As much as I was angry with this man for taking advantage of me – I was even angrier with myself. I could have easily removed the wood jamming the back door closed and none of this would have been a problem, but instead I ignored that little voice that had been trying to warn me. Now I was paying the price.

To make matters worse the next day my mother told me that she did in fact have a front door key to my house! If only I’d called her.

I learned a very expensive lesson that night – and I don’t want you or anyone else to make the same mistake.

So, here’s the only tip you’ll ever need:

1. Do not EVER – under any circumstances – ignore that little voice in your head. It could cost you a bundle. Did I make that clear enough?

No? Need help recognizing that “little voice?” Read my previous post here.

Has ignoring your intuition ever gotten you hot water? Share your story. I could be very helpful to other readers.

Read Rosemarie’s experience about what happened when she ignored her intuition.

Never Miss an Opportunity Again! Learn to Listen To Your Intuition

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010


Some years back I read a book that made a huge impression on me. It was about a young woman who let her intuition lead her in every decision she made. (Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it or the author.) This  young woman followed her inner promptings which resulted in a series of serendipitous events; she went back to school, then moved out of state, met her perfect soul mate, and ended up working for the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach – her dream job. I remember thinking as I read, Why doesn’t my life flow like that?

Looking back now, I know exactly why my life never flowed like hers. This young woman let her gut guide her – I never did. I was too scared of making a mistake, instead I played it safe and dismissed the promptings of my intuition.

Physician heal thy self

A year ago I decided that I needed to start practicing what I preached. Here I was an intuitive easily able to dispense advice for others, but when it came to myself not able to trust my own intuition. When I said enough already, and started to base my decisions on my gut and not my rational mind – my life started to improve immediately.

At the time I was so miserable in my job I figured my life couldn’t get any worse, so why not? Soon after a great job appeared for me, and after checking in with my gut jumped ship leaving the old place behind. And then as soon I returned from training  business started heating up too and my finances improved. And, all it took was giving that intuitive voice the respect it deserved.

Intuition is easy to overlook

Intuition is very subtle, which is exactly what makes it so easy to miss and overlook. It can come as a feeling in the gut – one that tells you that something is right or wrong, or it can come as a warning and a feeling of dread. Just as frequently, it’s quiet like a whisper, or the flitting of a butterfly that touches down ever so lightly in our consciousness before disappearing.

With intuition, until you start paying attention you may not be aware of these flashes. Although once you begin to notice them it’s a bit like buying a new car you start seeing that model everywhere. When you put yourself on alert to be aware of these stirrings the same thing happens; the frequency of your intuitive insights increase. After that once you begin using your intuition to make decisions, it takes no time at all to see serendipitous events begin to appear in your life.

The serendipitous events are proof positive that you’re hearing and following your intuition. When we receive this direct knowledge we’ve tapped into the source that keeps the planets in their orbit, and the earth spinning on its axis. This infinite intelligence doesn’t make mistakes. By plugging into it and using these intuitive insights our lives flow and all the details come together seamlessly.

Most people don’t recognize or trust their intuition

The three biggest hurdles most people face in putting intuition to use are in recognizing the voice of intuition and differentiating it from their own thoughts, and trusting what they get. Intuitive thoughts stream through the mind more rapidly than our own thoughts. Not only that, but when they do appear they’re usually complete ideas. In many case they feel as if they were downloaded whole into the brain. As far as trust goes, only jumping in with both feet and following hunches enough times to know that it’s real will build that trust.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you hone your intuition and put it to work for you:

1. Create the intention to begin noticing your intuition. Tell yourself that you wish to become aware of your intuitive insights and that you will become aware of them.

2. Keep a small notebook with you at all times where you can jot down any thoughts that appear to have been downloaded whole into your mind without you generating them.

3. Give yourself many opportunities to practice. Before answering the phone ask yourself who it might be. When meeting with friends see if you get any impressions about what they will be wearing. Or what they’ll order for dinner, etc. You can come up with dozens of little tests like this.

4. Make it a habit to meditate every day. Meditation is the most powerful way to boost your intuition. If you don’t know how to meditate read my post.

5. When you’re faced with a decision close your eyes and clear your mind. Ask yourself what you should do – then stop thinking. See what comes to mind no matter how silly it might be. It could be an image, a word, or a thought. Examine this closely. It’s usually your answer.

Work on incorporating these tips into your life and I guarantee you’ll see a huge rise in your intuitive insights and the number of seemingly miraculous coincidences that occur in you life.

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