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Guest Post from Author Suzanne Geisemann

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
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Messages of Hope From Beyond

Is divine guidance available to us at all times?

Do we truly have access to inspiration and wisdom beyond our present consciousness?

In the silence of meditation, I heard the words. Eyes closed, paper in my lap, I wrote the sentences as they came to me. This had happened before.  The sentiments were beautiful, but each time I couldn’t stop myself from thinking, I’m making this up.

Yes, by then I’d begun not just writing books about mediums, but practicing as one myself –bringing through unmistakable evidence for those who sat with me that their loved ones were around.  Still, where was the evidence that the words I heard alone in the silence weren’t my own thoughts?

And then it hit me with unexpected clarity:  These weren’t just random thoughts … these words were rhyming.

A line flowed from my pen to the paper, only to be forgotten as I listened for the next.  I felt the bottom of the page and turned to a fresh one until the words finally stopped.  Now it was my tears that flowed at the brilliance of the spirit world.  They knew I would never believe I hadn’t authored the words myself, so they sent me a poet.

Yes, as an author and a speaker, words were my tools, but poetry was alien to me. With my black and white brain, honed from 20 years in the Navy, I’d always felt there was only one way to interpret poetry, and if I didn’t “get it right,” then I had failed.  So I stuck to prose.

Until the day the poetry started.

Thus began my daily voyage of discovery into the wonders and wisdom of the world beyond our physical senses. The poems number in the hundreds now, and each one comes to me in deep meditation.  I merely take dictation, writing non-stop with pen in hand, paper in my lap … meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes.  Always I write with eyes closed, except for the one time the voice told me to open them and look.  When I did, I saw that my pen had run out of ink.

They didn’t want me to miss a word.

I never know the theme of the day’s poem until it comes through. The rhythm, rhyming pattern, and voice change frequently, yet always there is a comforting, loving message with the unifying thread of oneness.  The poems may never win a prize for their literary value, but those who read them tell me the words have a special calming, healing effect.  I know this is because they carry the energy of their Source.

Few may hear poetry from beyond, but is wisdom available to all of us in the silence? The poets nod their heads …

Searching for answers

You need not look far.

The answers you seek

Are as close as you are.

For your Higher Self -

That which “spirit” you call

Is connected supremely

With the Source of it All.

(From Poem #174)

A former Navy Commander, Suzanne Giesemann now focuses on writing and speaking about spirituality and the spirit world.  After authoring the Hay House biography, The Priest and the Medium, Suzanne uncovered her own mediumistic gifts.  She is now a practicing medium and channels daily spirit-inspired poetry, her Messages of Hope. and

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The Love Connection

Thursday, May 6th, 2010
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This is a guest post from Rosemarie Monaco

A few weeks ago I saw a PBS special called “The Buddha.” It was the story of the prince Siddhartha’s journey to enlightenment. It was great. But the moment in the show that really blew me away was the story of how after searching for the “truth” for so many years, Siddhartha got his first awakening from dirt. Yes, dirt.

It is said that one day while sitting under a huge fig tree (Bodhi tree) in deep meditation, his hand fell to the ground. He felt the earth in his hand and he became enlightened. After decades of trying to understand why there was so much suffering and what the meaning of life was, he saw the answer in the dirt—the dirt that was in his hand, the dirt that was in his hand that fed the tree, the dirt that fed the tree that gave us the fruit we eat, the tree that gave us fruit that sheltered us from the heat. It’s a never-ending love affair.

There is astonishing life and beauty all around us to which we are inextricably linked. All we have to do is pay attention to it. By seeing it, by enjoying it, by participating in the moment, you make the connection and become part of the whole. We are all part of an enormous work of art.

Angela tells us about some of her most powerful connections in her article “Constant Craving: The Mystical Experience.” But such emotion can be experienced even in the simplest of things, like dirt.

Buddha’s story made me think about all the everyday connections I take for granted. When I am feeling blue, for example, and one of my dogs comes to my side. She knows. She expresses her unconditional love for the sole purpose of giving. How could it not cheer me up. We are connected.

But there are lot worse things than feeling sad. What about that car accident I was in or the client I lost? The more I thought about this the more I realized that all those bad experiences taught me something very valuable. That it is because of those experiences that I am a better person and a smarter businesswoman.

I don’t get upset now when it rains. I welcome that which nourishes the earth. I look forward to the rainbow it creates when its remains capture the sun. And I remember, as the Buddha learned, that we are all connected. I wrote this article. You read my words and feel my feelings. We are connected.

The remarkably wonderful feeling that arises from the realization that love connects us all and that there is beauty everywhere—even in my wreck of a clothes closet—is so exhilarating. When you dwell on the beauty and the feeling connected to it, it positively raises your vibration. Nothing can harm you. You are in the arms of the universe.

Let the beauty that is around you dominate your thought, shape your disposition. And you will see how everything around you changes for the better.

Rosemarie Monaco, M.A. is president of Group M Inc, a public relations and marketing firm. She is an award-winning strategist and writer. After the heartbreaking death of her mother in 2001, she began her journey into spiritualism, studying Buddhism, the original teachings of Christ and a diverse number of other spiritual philosophers including Sai Baba and Martin Luther King Jr. She is a graduate of the Silva Method. The study and practice of deep meditation changed the course of her life, giving her the courage and skills to help others embrace the richness of life.

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Intuition: Are You Blocking Yours?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Do you know the tell tale signs of someone who’s not in sync with their intuition?

Are you, or is someone you know overly concerned with other people’s lives?

Is there someone in your life who’s always offering advice when you didn’t ask?

Or, telling you what they did for someone else, or how this person is making a big mistake so THEY had to tell them what to do, and how to fix it?

Many times they know and spread all the local gossip too. Remember the Gladys Kravitz character from the television show Bewitched?

These are classic signs that a person is not in touch with their own inner guidance, or intuition.

People who aren’t in sync with their intuition focus on other people’s lives to distract them from their own low self-esteem, lack of accomplishment or boredom with their own lives. When we gossip about, or pay more attention to the problems of others, or focus on people who are in more unfortunate circumstances and try to “fix” them, it’s to distract us from taking a good hard look at our own lives.

When you’re in touch with your intuition, which is really your own inner guidance system, you focus on what’s needed to make your own life a success, rather than on fixing others. You’re open to dealing with your own unconscious blockages, or personality flaws, or behaviors that need attention and, most importantly rather than make excuses you take action.

The person who distracts themselves with others’ lives has put up a wall to block their intuition from coming through. Usually this person feels very inadequate and has many fears. Facing themselves and dealing with their own problems is the scariest prospect of all. It makes them feel better about themselves to be so “helpful” to others.

Arvind Devalia had a great post on his blog, (he has a lot of great posts – not just this one!)  Make it Happen, titled, “Why Decluttering Your Friends is Good for You and Them.” His post got me to thinking that these “helpful” types obsession with other people’s lives comes from being disconnected from their own intuition.

A reading I’d done for a woman having trouble with a neighbor came to mind. The neighbor was spreading rumors about this woman for no apparent reason.

The neighbor appeared to be so unhappy in her own life that I felt she was fabricating rumors about the woman I was reading for to deflect attention from her own problems.

While this might be an extreme example – not everyone who’s unhappy with their lives goes around starting rumors about others – you get the picture. The truth is, when we turn our attention outward we do it so that we will no longer “hear” what our inner guidance is trying to tell us.

Whether it’s us,  or people we know who are distracting themselves with other people’s lives  – the only solution is to dig deep and face the fears we’ve buried . The confidence that comes from dealing with and facing our buried problems bolsters self-esteem and sets the groundwork for overcoming other challenges.

To begin developing your intuitive ear in order to tune-in to what’s blocking you from focusing on your own life start with these 3 simple steps:

1. Tell yourself that you want to have dream that will show you what’s holding you back. Set an intention every evening to remember your dreams in the morning  until you do. Make sure to record them immediately. See what unconscious blockages spring to mind when looking over the dream. I suggest you go with your first impression.

2. Find a quiet place in your home where you can focus on your dream. Close your eyes for 5 to 15 minutes and ask your intuition to give you a solution as to how to overcome the blockage revealed in your dream.

3. While in this meditative state take out your journal and answer this question: If I could do anything, or be anything without worrying about money what would it be? Begin writing and don’t sensor yourself. The biggest obstacle to jump-starting intuition is not listening to our own truth. When you stifle who you are you shut down your intuition.

Do you know anyone like this? Have you dealt with this type of personality? What did you do?

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Earth Day or Urgent Day?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
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Today, April 22 is Earth Day.

It’s also the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day which started in 1970.

A million people gathered in Central Park on the first Earth Day. It was the largest gathering ever for the park at that time. It woke a lot of people up to what was happening to our ecosystem.

In 1970 Earth Day was about stopping pollution and exposing polluters. After a few years, Earth Day began to be recognized in other countries. Now Earth Day is recognized internationally.

I can remember a public service announcement that played over and over on television at the time. It was of a Native American dressed in buckskins sporting a feathered head-dress looking at garbage along the side of river. I remember seeing a used tire and all sorts of papers and bottles and cans embedded in the sandy shore in this commercial. After surveying the polluted riverbank the Indian turned to look at the camera and there was huge tear rolling down his cheek. It broke my heart and I never forgot it. Click here to watch.

Today, Earth Day is more critical than ever. The pollution we became aware of back then has impacted our climate to such a degree that it’s changed weather patterns around the globe. Water levels are rising as glaciers melt. Droughts are hitting areas that normally receive rain and parts of the world where the climate had always been mild are now pummeled by ferocious storms of rain and snow. And, this is by no means a complete list of the damage that climate change has and is doing.

We have to get a handle on this. NOW.

Scientists say that if we can’t slow down the rate of climate change by 2012 it may be irreversible.

And then what? Where are we to go? Earth is my home. Earth is your home.

A few days ago I wrote a post about the Mystical Experience and then another about how we perceive our reality as being separate from one another which is an illusion. The theme of both posts was that when we awaken spiritually we rise above the illusion of seeing ourselves as separate and see that we are all one and connected. The truth is we can’t harm others without also harming ourselves, and we can’t continue to harm the Earth because we are all just harming each other in the long run, or maybe the short run.

It’s more than obvious now that we are all connected. What goes on in one region or country or continent ecologically affects everyone everywhere eventually.

Today please take 5 minutes of quiet time and focus on the Earth. Send love. Tsunamis of love and gratitude to our Mother Earth.

Let’s each do whatever we can in our corners of the Earth. Recycle, walk more, take mass transit, keep the air conditioner off, buy used consumer goods, repair and reuse things instead of buying new, etc.

Pray that we all wake up and take the time and make the effort to respect, love and honor our collective home – and turn climate change around before it’s too late.

Please pass this on to everyone you know. Tweet it, and/or Facebook it, etc.

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What’s Love Got to Do With Reality?

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Are we really here? And where is here?

Physicists are revealing that what we perceive as reality may not be what we think.

We may think we are our bodies and our minds, but we would be wrong according to many new findings in science.

Each of us is actually individual states of consciousness that exists within one unified field – the field of consciousness.

I’ve been thinking a lot about consciousness and reality since I  wrote my last post – Constant Craving: The Mystic Experience, and wondering why our perception of the world changes when we have a mystical experience?

Many of you commented that you’d had a mystical experience and felt during it a connection to and love for all of life. As I said in that post, when we have these momentary connections to all life we’re actually plugging-in to the over-arching reality that our narrow every day reality is a fragment of. (Yes, I know it can be a bit confusing.)

To make it simpler for us regular folk to understand, scientists explain our reality as being like different programs all open at the same time on a computer. (more…)

Constant Craving: The Mystical Experience

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Has the warmth from a sunbeam ever triggered a moment of pure bliss?

Has there ever been a split second where your mind was so still that you became aware of having stepped outside yourself?

Did you come across a deer on a trail and suddenly feel flooded with a love and connection to all of life?

Were you playing with your child one day when your heart just opened up?

These sacred moments are the essence of the mystical experience.

Everything stops, and it’s as if we see clearly for the first time and feel at one with all of life. The joy from this state of being emanates from deep within our souls. We are aware of a palpable pure goodness that is in and through everything and everyone.

But we don’t “think it” we feel this experience intuitively with our hearts.

That’s what makes the experience  mystical – the connection of our heart to the beating heart of the Universe. It requires no words. In fact, it’s indescribable and words can’t do it justice. (more…)

Desperately Seeking Serenity? Look no Further Than Your Backyard

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Have you ever noticed how a walk in a beautiful park lifts your spirits?

Or, how an afternoon hike along a wooded trail clears your head? Do you sometimes feel that if you don’t get out of the city and see some green you just might loose your mind?

That’s how I start to feel around this time of year, especially after a long and snowy winter. I’m ready to feel the warm breezes, hear the chirping of birds at the feeder, and to smell the perfume of  hyacinths from my garden. I cannot wait to bathe my eyes in scads of green; new leaves opening on the trees, shrubbery coming back to life again, and tender blades of new grass. (more…)

Make a Date To Meet On The Astral Plane

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Carol Lesh

Have you ever wanted to make amends with a friend, but were too upset to pick up the phone?

Or, have you experienced the agony of searching for a lost pet? Is there a loved one, or pet that has crossed over that you’d like to contact?

You can communicate with these friends, relatives and pets every time you fall asleep by traveling to the astral plane. The astral plane is the dimension where the soul exists when the earthly body dies.

We may think that when we’re sleeping we only sleep and dream, but actually, we do something more. We also go to the astral plane — a dimension where there’s no time or space, where we meet others on a soul-to-soul level. Being able to say things to specific people or animals is very simple. Just set an intention to see them on the astral.

Set the intention to travel to the astral plane

It’s as easy as saying to yourself any time during the day, “Tonight on the astral, I intend asking John Smith to call me,” or “Tonight on the astral, I intend asking Fido to come home.” Use the present tense to tell your subconscious and astral body what you want to accomplish because there’s no time or space on other dimensions. (more…)

Is it Really Possible to Rewire Your Brain? 7 Days To a New Positive You.

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Do you know anyone who constantly sees only the negative things in life?

If it rains outside its not just raining it’s, “absolutely miserable outside.”  Or, every story on the evening news triggers the, “People are more rotten than ever. Our world is doomed,” response? And worse still, even if something good were to happen, such as winning the lottery, the Sky is Falling types cannot control their impulse to tack on the, “Yeah, but now I have to deal with all these financial planners hounding me!” retort.

Individuals like these have gotten into what is referred to as a negative feedback loop, and truly cannot help themselves. They’ve programmed themselves by repeating negative thoughts to the point where they have literally carved a neural pathway in the brain with these habitual responses. No matter what happens in their lives they perceive everything negatively, and respond on auto-pilot. (more…)

What Happens When you Ignore Intuition? Never Make this Mistake.

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Have you ever experienced that awful sinking feeling in your gut the moment you realize you’ve made a mistake?

I have, and just recently too.

You find yourself in a pickle

I came home around 11 o’clock on a Sunday evening to find that I was locked out. The minute I began fishing through my purse I remembered that I’d left my house keys on the dining room table. No problem. I keep a spare key to the back door in my wallet. I took the key out of my change purse and inserted it in the back door lock, but the door wouldn’t budge.

A mess of my own making

And then it hit me – I’d forgotten that I wedged a sturdy piece of wood under the door handle sealing the door to keep out the cold. My back door key was of no use and I didn’t have a key to the front door. It also occurred to me that before leaving I’d had a brief thought about taking the wood out but decided against it. Ugh! Now what?

I called my sister to see if I’d ever given her a front door key but she didn’t think so, and frankly neither did I. No one ever comes in my front door because it’s easier to park in the back, so all the spare keys I’ve given were always for the back door.

I dialed 411 from my cell and got the number for the one 24 hour locksmith service that covered my area. While I was on the phone I got a “vibe” that made me hesitate. It could have been because the locksmith seemed all too eager to leave his home at 11 pm, or that he said he only took cash, or it might have been his accent I didn’t trust; I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that I felt uneasy.

Your intuition never fails unless you choose to ignore it

I told him I’d call him back and hung up. I needed a moment to think. It crossed my mind to call my mother, but I didn’t want to upset her, besides she wouldn’t have a key to my front door either. Nobody did.

I decided I had no choice but to call him back. I still didn’t feel right about him though. When I asked how much it would cost he said $55 plus the lock, so I agreed. I sat in the car with the heat on and chatted with my sister while I waited for him to arrive. I rationalized that it would all be fine. What was I supposed to do? Even if I stayed over at my sister’s I’d still need a locksmith tomorrow. Better to do it now and be done with it, I thought.

Twenty minutes later he showed up and seemed to be a very nice. He drilled my lock and opened the door. While he installed the new lock I went to get my checkbook. He was done in a few minutes and came inside to write out the bill. I was figuring it would cost maybe $100 to $150.00, so when he said it was going to be $650.00 my stomach dropped out.

“Are you kidding me?” I screamed. For $650 I could have replaced the entire door.

The sucker punch

He looked at me and agreed that it was pretty high. “Look,” he said in a whisper, “between you and me my boss doesn’t have to know I was here. You know what I mean?”

I eyed him suspiciously.

“Make the check out to me. I’m gonna give you a break….”

Backed into a corner

For a moment I thought about telling him to take the lock out and leave, but then I realized I’d have an unlocked door with big hole where the doorknob had been. How was I supposed to sleep like that?

Well, we went back and forth until we settled on a more reasonable number but it was still highway robbery as far as I was concerned. I wrote the check out, but I was fuming. I couldn’t wait for him to get out of my house.

As much as I was angry with this man for taking advantage of me – I was even angrier with myself. I could have easily removed the wood jamming the back door closed and none of this would have been a problem, but instead I ignored that little voice that had been trying to warn me. Now I was paying the price.

To make matters worse the next day my mother told me that she did in fact have a front door key to my house! If only I’d called her.

I learned a very expensive lesson that night – and I don’t want you or anyone else to make the same mistake.

So, here’s the only tip you’ll ever need:

1. Do not EVER – under any circumstances – ignore that little voice in your head. It could cost you a bundle. Did I make that clear enough?

No? Need help recognizing that “little voice?” Read my previous post here.

Has ignoring your intuition ever gotten you hot water? Share your story. I could be very helpful to other readers.

Read Rosemarie’s experience about what happened when she ignored her intuition.

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