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Resistance is Futile

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Damn! Why can’t I ever stop thinking?

This was my mantra at 7 am as I tried in vain to meditate.

Some days I’m able to get deep into the zone of a meditation where my thoughts slow and then stop for a while. These are the best meditations. I’m detached but present in the flow of Universal Mind. I feel a clarity and a sense that all is well – just the way things are. Perfectly imperfect.

I am aware of a connection to all life which gently gives way to a quiet joy. I ride the waves of this Universal flow as long as I can before thoughts get the better of me again. I take the quiet joy with me out into my day and go about my business.

Today I could not surf that wave. It was just one big thought after another knocking me off my spiritual surf board until I got tired of trying to climb back on and gave up. All I kept hearing was: I have work to do. I need to exercise. I’m running low on milk. Got to get to the ATM and deposit that check.

With each thought I squeezed my eyes tighter and said NO not now! But, they wouldn’t stop. I followed my breathing again and my thoughts slowed somewhat but not to the extent where I could make that connection to the soothing calmness I craved.

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Global Healing June 21, 2010: Urgent Call to Action

Sunday, June 20th, 2010
Gaia's Kiss
Image by charissa1066 (away) via Flickr

On June 21, the Summer Solstice, at noon in your time zone, please offer your prayers to heal our planet particularly the waters off the Gulf of Mexico.

Visualize yourself cradling the earth to your heart. Send love and blow a kiss to our planet just as you would to someone dear to you. See the Gulf Coast waters as pristine and cleared of all  the oil.

This is a global event organized by


Solstice Global Toning on Monday June 21st 12:00 noon in your time zone

Let us collectively link up with the heart of  Gaia, mother Earth, for healing the waters of the world, focusing on the Gulf oil leakage as an entry point

On the longest day of the year at the peak of the solar energy, let us put the power of collective prayer into collaborating with mother Earth to co-create healing and harmony between the planet and us, her children. Though some humans behave in ways that may ignore the sacredness of her body, many of us are interested in living in ways that honor and revere this precious planet. Let us unite in focused prayer, offering our gratitude for the gift of this Earth and all that is provided to us with such grace and abundance.

For those of you who have seen the movie “Avatar”, we have an image of a sincere individual linking his heart with the heart and Spirit of life, to bring about right action during a distressing situation. We collectively have the power to do this as well.

During this time of intentional prayer, first imagine your heart synchronizing in rhythm with the heart of the Earth and all her amazing creatures and elements. Then, if possible, add the power of sound, using your voice and the spirit of your breath, creating the sound of the heart, “AH” as you align and send your healing prayers on this Global Tone.

If it is appropriate, please go to the AH Toning Chamber at the Temple of Sacred Sound to enhance the power of this Solstice Global Toning.

This sonic prayer will flow like a wave of cleansing, healing waters over the planet as compassionate beings in each time zone link up with their fellow beings to bring love across the Earth.

Let us join together in Light & Love through Sound this June 21st to create balance and healing on our beloved planet.

For those who cannot click on the link above, see:

Contact Information



(Note from Angela: The event is for global toning, but if you don’t feel comfortable toning you don’t have to. Meditation and prayers for seeing the earth and our waterways clean and healed is enough.)

Please share this article on FACEBOOK and TWITTER using the icons at the top of the page. It’s urgent.

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Meditation Mondays

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

I’m participating in a fun collaborative blogging event with Lillian-Juda Leonard Beach at her beautiful site: The Mini Beach Bird.

She has a series running called Meditation Mondays.

Several bloggers have contributed their favorite meditations.

Each week new meditations will be posted for readers to try. As most of you know I’m a former meditation instructor – so this is truly music to my ears. If I had my way meditation would be part of the curriculum in public school.

I’ve contributed a meditation to week 2 of her series titled: Seven Simple Steps to A Great Meditation. Click here to check it out. and all the other great meditations collected there.

I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy this and love trying the many different meditations that have been submitted.

Thank you Lillian-Juda for arranging this wonderful event and for including me. I am truly honored.

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Guest Post from Author Suzanne Geisemann

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...
Image via Wikipedia

Messages of Hope From Beyond

Is divine guidance available to us at all times?

Do we truly have access to inspiration and wisdom beyond our present consciousness?

In the silence of meditation, I heard the words. Eyes closed, paper in my lap, I wrote the sentences as they came to me. This had happened before.  The sentiments were beautiful, but each time I couldn’t stop myself from thinking, I’m making this up.

Yes, by then I’d begun not just writing books about mediums, but practicing as one myself –bringing through unmistakable evidence for those who sat with me that their loved ones were around.  Still, where was the evidence that the words I heard alone in the silence weren’t my own thoughts?

And then it hit me with unexpected clarity:  These weren’t just random thoughts … these words were rhyming.

A line flowed from my pen to the paper, only to be forgotten as I listened for the next.  I felt the bottom of the page and turned to a fresh one until the words finally stopped.  Now it was my tears that flowed at the brilliance of the spirit world.  They knew I would never believe I hadn’t authored the words myself, so they sent me a poet.

Yes, as an author and a speaker, words were my tools, but poetry was alien to me. With my black and white brain, honed from 20 years in the Navy, I’d always felt there was only one way to interpret poetry, and if I didn’t “get it right,” then I had failed.  So I stuck to prose.

Until the day the poetry started.

Thus began my daily voyage of discovery into the wonders and wisdom of the world beyond our physical senses. The poems number in the hundreds now, and each one comes to me in deep meditation.  I merely take dictation, writing non-stop with pen in hand, paper in my lap … meaningful, multi-stanza verses in mere minutes.  Always I write with eyes closed, except for the one time the voice told me to open them and look.  When I did, I saw that my pen had run out of ink.

They didn’t want me to miss a word.

I never know the theme of the day’s poem until it comes through. The rhythm, rhyming pattern, and voice change frequently, yet always there is a comforting, loving message with the unifying thread of oneness.  The poems may never win a prize for their literary value, but those who read them tell me the words have a special calming, healing effect.  I know this is because they carry the energy of their Source.

Few may hear poetry from beyond, but is wisdom available to all of us in the silence? The poets nod their heads …

Searching for answers

You need not look far.

The answers you seek

Are as close as you are.

For your Higher Self -

That which “spirit” you call

Is connected supremely

With the Source of it All.

(From Poem #174)

A former Navy Commander, Suzanne Giesemann now focuses on writing and speaking about spirituality and the spirit world.  After authoring the Hay House biography, The Priest and the Medium, Suzanne uncovered her own mediumistic gifts.  She is now a practicing medium and channels daily spirit-inspired poetry, her Messages of Hope. and

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A Meditation on Meditating

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

This is a guest post from Rosemarie Monaco.

Meditation -  It heals. It enlightens. It solves problems. It lets you travel anywhere in the universe—to places that are as exotic as your imagination can create. Most remarkably, it allows you to manifest your deepest desires. It really is like having a genie in a bottle.

Angela has written extensively about the power of meditation. See “Could Your Thoughts Create an Earthquake?” The National Institutes of Health has performed studies that prove conclusively that people who meditate are healthier and live longer.

Why it works

When you meditate you travel to a stress-free, creative level, scientists refer to this as the alpha level where brain frequency is at roughly 10 cycles per second.

The alpha state is so powerful because here you are operating purely with your mind, absent of all material distractions, including your body. And it is here that you can access all the wisdom of the universe. It is the state from which you can tap into the “database” of universal knowledge. See Angela’s post “What’s Love Got to Do with Reality.”

Mediation is deeply personal. Only you can create the perfect place from which to escape the material world. But I would like to share one of my favorite meditations with you. Read it then alter it to create the perfect space, just for you.

The process

  1. Sit comfortably with your feet on the ground, your hands on your lap. You can meditate lying down as long as you don’t fall asleep.
  2. Close your eyes and take three or four deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose, fill up your lungs and as you do imagine that you are breathing in pure, radiant light of the universe. Hold it for a few seconds. Let the beautiful, fresh air fill every cell in your body. As you breathe out imagine that you are expelling all the bad feelings that you might be holding inside—all the stress, all the problems. Let them all go.
  3. Breathe normally and Relax. From the tip of your head down to your toes, feel every muscle relaxing, all the tension disappearing.
  4. Count backwards from ten to one. With each number, imagine that you traveling deeper and deeper into a perfect, relaxed state.

The Journey

When you reach the number one, imagine before you a big beautiful door. See it in every detail. Maybe they are French doors with flowing chiffon curtains, maybe yours is a delicately carved wooden door or a majestic brass door. As you continue on this journey, it is important to see as much detail as possible. This is your paradise, your private place filled with your special treasures. The more detail you give it, the more real it becomes.

Walk toward the door. Open it. A beautiful garden lies before you. The perfume of the flowers is intoxicating. Take a deep breath. Can you smell the wisteria, the exotic orchids? The colors tickle your eyes: reds, blues, greens, purples, yellows—all the colors of the rainbow.

There is a path in front of you made of beautiful gold and silver tiles. As you walk slowly enjoying the beauty around you, you see a body of water. It is crystal clear turquoise. As you look into the water you can see the coral and beautiful creatures swimming at the bottom.

Now you notice the steps at the edge of the water. You step down and the water is luscious, just the right temperature. The water around you sparkles from the rays of sun reflecting on the surface. This is no ordinary body of water. It is a healing pool. As you slip into it and swim, all your aches and pains disappear. You are in a perfect state.

On the far side of the water a rushing waterfall awaits you. Swim to it, and then step up and under the flowing water. It’s so gentle. It feels like silk. As the water falls on you it washes away every ounce of stress. It renews your body. Makes you feel alive and energized. Can you feel it? Imagine it. This water contains the light of the universe. All the love and knowledge that exists in the universe is now flowing through you. All unpleasant feelings you had inside are not only washing away, but as they fall down off your feet they turn into beautiful sparkling gems. They bounce off your feet landing against the water’s edge creating beautiful healing crystals. How glorious you feel. Enjoy the feeling. Every cell in your body is tingling.

As you move away from the waterfall, see the surface of the water. It’s perfectly still, reflecting your image, like a mirror. See yourself. There you are looking exactly like you want to look—the prefect weight, the perfect shape—your perfect you. Look further into the reflection; see your day as you wish it to progress. See your clients thanking you, a prospect giving you a project, your boss congratulating you on a job well done, a relationship blooming, whatever you desire.

Breathe deeply and swim to the other side of the water. How alive you feel! As you step upon the land, you see a white swing moving in the breeze under a tree. You walk over to it, sit and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Listen to the birds singing or just enjoy the quiet. Feel divine love fill you up and flow through every cell of your body. Now with everything you do, everywhere you go you will bring this love.

Continue to enjoy the quiet. When you are ready, open your eyes. Feel radiant. Begin your day.

Rosemarie Monaco, M.A. is president of Group M Inc, a public relations and marketing firm. She is an award-winning strategist and writer. After the heartbreaking death of her mother in 2001, she began her journey into spiritualism, studying Buddhism, the original teachings of Christ and a diverse number of other spiritual philosophers including Sai Baba and Martin Luther King Jr. She is a graduate of the Silva Method . The study and practice of deep meditation changed the course of her life, giving her the courage and skills to help others embrace the richness of life.

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Could Your Thoughts Create an Earthquake?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

At the time of the earthquake that rocked southern California on Easter – Deepak Chopra was meditating.

So what, you say?

He sent out a Tweet saying,” Had a powerful meditation just now – caused an earthquake in Southern California.”

Followed by another Tweet, “Was meditating on Shiva mantra and the earth began to shake. Sorry about that.”

It was funny, and of course no one took him seriously, but it made me curious as to how far reaching and powerful our thoughts might be?

A study I read about came to mind that involved Transcendental Meditation affecting crime rates. Studies conducted by the Institute of Science, Technology & Public Safety in 1993 showed that there was a significant decrease in crime rates in neighborhoods surrounding the location of  a Washington DC Transcendental Meditation center where TM meditators met weekly. The larger the group that gathered to meditate – the larger the drop in the crime rate was following the meeting.

Somehow the thoughts generated by these meditators had an effect on their environment. Granted it didn’t cause an earthquake, but the correlation between the nights the group meditated and decreases in crime were reviewed and agreed upon by numerous independent academics, criminologists and police personnel.

Another interesting phenomenon correlated to thoughts generated by humans was the  enormous change in the earth’s magnetic resonance recorded on September 11, 2001.

A few hours before the 9/11 attacks took place the machines monitoring the earth’s resonance spiked indicating that there was mass intuitive awareness of the horrible incidents that were about to happen.  The Global Coherence Project site reported that: Space weather satellites monitoring the earth’s geomagnetic field displayed a significant spike at the time of the September 11th attack and for several days thereafter, indicating the stress wave possibly caused by mass human emotion created modulations in the geomagnetic field. (more…)

Desperately Seeking Serenity? Look no Further Than Your Backyard

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Have you ever noticed how a walk in a beautiful park lifts your spirits?

Or, how an afternoon hike along a wooded trail clears your head? Do you sometimes feel that if you don’t get out of the city and see some green you just might loose your mind?

That’s how I start to feel around this time of year, especially after a long and snowy winter. I’m ready to feel the warm breezes, hear the chirping of birds at the feeder, and to smell the perfume of  hyacinths from my garden. I cannot wait to bathe my eyes in scads of green; new leaves opening on the trees, shrubbery coming back to life again, and tender blades of new grass. (more…)

Want Intuitive Guidance? Start Remembering Your Dreams

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid you’d swear it really happened?

Even if you had the dream years, and years ago – can you still recall it to this day?

There’s something so wonderful about having a dream and waking up and remembering it, isn’t there?

I have lots of dreams and I’ve trained myself to remember them. I’ve been recording them since I was a teenager.

One particularly vivid dream I had a few years ago comes to mind: (more…)

Seven Simple Steps To a Great Meditation

Thursday, February 18th, 2010
Lord Mahaveer
Image via Wikipedia

Living life in the fast lane

Does life seem to be flying by at a frenetic pace? When you take time off work are you expected to respond to emails from your boss or customers on your BlackBerry? Or, are you a multi-tasker that texts and tweets and has to have the iPhone pried out of her hands in order to take a break? Have you tried meditating but decided you can’t because your mind won’t stop racing?

If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people tell me that they can’t meditate. With the pace of life today, and the multitude of distracting devices we’ve all become  addicted to, it’s no wonder that most of us have no idea how to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

Slow down

For most people the idea of slowing down would be counter-intuitive when they have so much on their plates’ already, but slowing down doesn’t make us less productive it actually has the opposite effect. When we move more slowly and focus upon the task at hand we actually become more productive. Not to mention that countless studies have shown that taking time out to meditate has many proven health benefits.

It does take practice to master, but it’s actually not that hard. All you need is a commitment to do it and 20 minutes a day. Of course if you choose to practice more than once per day and a bit longer you’ll see the benefits that much sooner – and what could be better than starting your morning with an inner sense of calmness and crystal clarity that carries over into your day?

Here’s the steps to follow to have a great meditation:

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your house and cell phone. Sit on a straight backed chair with your feet flat on the ground and place your hands face up/palm open on your lap. Do not lay down or  sit on a cushy couch as you may find yourself dozing off.

2. Tilt your head down so that your chin is closer to your chest. Let your head hang comfortably in this tilted downward position.

3. After closing your eyes begin taking deep breaths. Hold your breath for two or three seconds then release your breath slowly. Exhale through your nose. I recommend nose as it’s more natural to breath this way. Repeat until you get into a breathing rhythm.

5. Hold your attention on the top of your head. The part of your head called the fontanel area which was the soft spot when you were a baby. Now sense that your breath is coming in and out from this area of your head. Continue to focus on your breath emanating from this spot.  If ever you begin to lose this sensation – just reach up and gently pat that area of your head.

6. Let thoughts float by and refocus your attention on your breathing. You can also pat the head again. Make it a point to maintain your awareness on that spot on the top of your head. After a while you may begin to feel a tingling or pulsating sensation on that part of the head. When you do you’ll also feel a sense of relaxation  and calm wash over you. This is what your aiming for.

7. Sit and enjoy this state of thought-free awareness. You are now meditating. You are aware of  your surroundings but free of mind chatter. You are giving your brain a well deserved rest from thinking and in return it rewards you by bathing you in this incredible feeling of calm and relaxation.

There are many forms of meditation. This is one I devised after studying many meditation techniques throughout the years. I find that it’s extremely effective at stopping the constant flow of thoughts. Plus, when when we stop thinking our intuition is able to get through with insights and guidance that we need to solve problems in our lives.

If you do this every day it will become a habit you won’t want to miss – especially the sensation of relaxation that streams over you. I meditate in the morning using this technique. I also try to meditate again in the evening before going to bed.

Try it and let me know what you think. If you have questions on the technique let me know as well.

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Why is Transcendental Meditation so Expensive?

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
Beyond the ceaseless coming and going of all p...
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After my post, “Should Meditation Be Taught in Schools?” a few days back, I got to thinking about Transcendental Meditation, thanks to a reader with a comment and a link to The David Lynch Foundation.

TM has been around since the mid-century and is a well known method of meditation. It’s touted as being the most highly researched method of meditation as well. David Lynch, a Hollywood director and long time TM meditator, established a foundation that pays for students, schools and even entire school districts to be trained in the meditation as long as the schools commit to making 15 to 20 minutes of quiet time available to students twice daily to practice.I think this is wonderful thing that he’s doing, as I’m a real advocate of meditation in general, due to its many benefits. It’s also very. very generous of Lynch and the donors to his foundation as the course in TM is known to be pretty pricey.

Two years ago a friend and I attended a free introductory lecture for TM at a local hotel to learn more about it. The trainer came down to the hotel lobby to meet us and took us to a suite where he spoke to us (we were the only two there) for almost two hours on the benefits of TM. It was a very well scripted sales pitch. At the end of his lecture he asked us if we were interested in proceeding and both of us were, until he mentioned that the price tag was $2000.00. I think both of our mouths dropped open. Needless to say we didn’t do it.

I wanted to take TM years ago but the cost, which was less back then, put me off. Luckily, I found The Siva Method, a different type of meditation, shortly afterward which was at least half the price. A few years after that I found a Sahaja Yoga meditation class that was actually free and got a great deal out of it. I found it so valuable that I became an instructor.

The Silva Method is an active meditation where you learn very specific creative visualization techniques. It’s highly effective for achieving goals of any kind. I highly recommend it. Sahaja Yoga meditation is an eastern type meditation where the goal is to maintain a state of thought-free awareness. This state is achieved effortlessly and feels so wonderful you instantly want to continue meditating. I highly recommend it as well. Plus, did I mention it’s free?

From what I know about TM it’s a meditation where one receives a mantra that is repeated to clear the mind in order to achieve this same state of thought-free awareness as Sahaja Yoga, and as in many other eastern meditations. In 2009 TM lowered the prices of their courses. The adult course which was $2000.00 is now $1500.00, which I still think is too expensive. No wonder TM is so well researched they can afford to pay for research to be conducted on their method.

I still can’t imagine why the TM course is so expensive. The only thing that comes to mind is that we Westerners perceive higher cost with greater value. Perhaps the marketing division of TM is using this strategy? Could it also be possible that Maharishi might have gotten a bit greedy after he saw how readily Westerners hand their money over for meditation courses? The high cost is a turn-off and actually doesn’t sound very spiritual to me. In any case, after a quarter century of daily meditation I’m very satisfied with the technique I’m using.

So, unless I become the fortunate recipient of a scholarship from The David Lynch Foundation I’m pretty certain I’ll never find out if TM is really worth the cost.

Has anyone taken TM? I’d love to compare notes.

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